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VF trays_web.jpg
ABS shields 96 long_web.jpg
ABS VF_web.jpg
CNC foam core_web.jpg

Vacuum Formed Trays

ABS shields 96" long

ABS Vacuum Formed covers

CNC foamcore

Mineral display 2 inch thick slabs_web.j
Polypro CNC_weld_web.jpg
VF housing 250 thick_48 inch
Chululi glass display 12 inch long_web.j

Chululi Glass display stand 12" long

Mineral Display Stand_2"slabs




VF housing .250"

Anna FS 2_web.jpg
UHMW machined bumpers_2_12_120_web.jpg

UHMW Machined Bumpers 2" x 12" x 120"

COVID-19 Face Shields, Safety screens, Partitions, COVID-19 sneezeguards

Polypro 250 welded_web.jpg

Polypro Welded part

Earle Wheatley



tel: 520-777-3031

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